Would you like to see Harvey’s counterpart on Suits Season 3?

Happy to complete the first two seasons of Suits tv show in just 2 days. I guess our internet upgrade timing is appropriate. And just as you have guessed, I did a marathon on it. 🙂


I completed watching up to Season 2 finale (Episode 16, War) and what I like about this show is the distinguishing characters of the main cast, they are believable, like I almost thought they are practicing law. Of course no matter how technical or legal they are, the romance will always be there. Notice that Mike, Harvey, Jessica, Rachel and even Louis have their own share of relationship episodes. Donna plays a great supporting character, she has this keen eye to details and shows great loyalty to Harvey. We have seen from time to time how Mike Ross, the lead associate screws up, well at least we are not watching a superficial show. Harvey is one heck of a boss, but I like it when he bowed to Jessica. It would have been better if Hardman’s character was played by another actor, someone who has the looks &  swag like Gabriel Macht. Coming this season 3, Max Beesley from Hotel Babylon will play Stephen Huntley, Darby’s right hand man and yes Harvey’s counterpart, who will be a big blow following the merger. So I look forward for their dynamics at the Pearson-Darby law firm. Something to look forward to is Rachel’s romantic relationship with Mike Ross, will that change even after she discovered of Mike’s secret, being a non-Harvard graduate? Another thing that seem progressing is Louis loyalty to Pearson, will that stay while Harvey is battling for the Darby-Pearson merger?

Let us all wait for the Season 3 Episode 1 which will be aired some time in July 2013.


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