Imperatives of being a leader

bossesquotesEarlier we had a quick huddle, some work concerns were brought up like salary increase and support operations, I thought that our local boss must take note of those concerns, & most importantly, he should have addressed it. I felt that it was mishandled and that co-workers even noticed how defensive our boss was. As a pioneer, I felt the urge to acknowledge and even offer alternatives, and had to speak to boss privately. I was told that a co-worker was complained by a very important client, that’s why he couldn’t say anything about salary raise, now that boss neck is on the line. Told him that he has to deal with those separately: (1) co-worker issue (2) salary increase, which was raised a long time ago. The only thing I am against with is the idea that he is willing to let go of a co-worker, as opposed to give chance and correct the mistakes. I realized I shouldn’t be teaching him management 101. He trusted me so much that I am always the second to know on what’s going to happen on the next few weeks/months, but sometimes I get fed up with the entire process, most especially letting people go just like that.

I hate to think that firing people is the best option. I always see that attrition rate has something to do with building team culture. There’s no such thing as perfect roster, agents or employees. These people need to be led by someone they look up to. For me it’s more of identifying whether its an attitude or aptitude issue, and being able to punch that problem away. Firing them wouldn’t make them become better person on their next jobs. I felt that something is lacking, like a sense of direction, sense of leadership.

Honestly I do not fear being fired when worse comes to worst, I’m afraid that my boss is becoming dependent highly of us, (3 pioneers left) but what about the rest? A part of me is happy to know that he sees me like that, he respects the kind of contributions I am giving, but the other side of me, tells me that a lot of things were overlooked because of that ideology.

And so it begs the question, are you the boss you need to be? This question does not seek perfection from your management style, (yes we all suck at one point) but more of being able to influence the people around you. What entails in being a great leader? How are you getting the best from your people? As equally important as how are you setting your personal benchmarks as a leader? Are you making your employees happy?


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