The Walking Dead Season 3 finale: peaceful ending, not exciting?

Vampires out, zombies in! That’s the trending for this year’s horror movies, wherein adults and even kids almost wish that zombies are for real so they get to test their survival skills. And yes I will learn to shoot walkers at their foreheads. This is why The Walking Dead tv show is one of the most top rated shows in US/Canada, actually all over the world. Season 1 and 2 keep us all hooked, but with the beginning of Season 3, story progressions become smaller, and a bit dragging.

Twas only last night that I get to see the season 3 finale. And as an avid fan, I’m a little disappointed with the finale because of the following reasons:

1. The Governor is surely to be present in Season 4. Rick vs. the Governor for finale is all pure hype.

2. The finale is not that exciting considering that the next season is 5 months from now. It could be forgettable for a season-ender. It can make people feel disconnected from the show, because it does not feel that chilling or scared effect compared with the two seasons.

3. The beginning part of S4 is going to be in prison still. (though got reports that there will be a change of location, perhaps midway of the next season)

4. Though the story is becoming realistic, where enemies are not just walkers but also the living, people want more action combat with these walkers. After all, that’s why most people get hooked because of the wonderful zombie prosthetic.

I’m not saying that this Season 3 is pure crap, there are some things that Robert and the gang did alright on this one:

1. Andrea’s death. I know others would want her to be alive, but its all about the character and her impacts to the story. Well at least her death was nicely done, making it heroic in a way. Micchone is a better replacement for Andrea.

2. Rick’s people are still intact. By now we know that the story does not just revolve around Rick, but other supporting characters like Daryl, Micchone, Glenn, Maggie, plus the new people Rick adopted from the Woodbury.

3. Ruthless Carl. The finale shows how Carl has grown up and has this kill-or-be-killed attitude. Whether this change may be good for the entire group dynamics or not, is something to look forward to.




We hope to see more zombie horde actions for the next season, less talks. With more heads now in Rick’s camp, it is starting to create a small community, and let’s see what kind of ending does the Governor get.


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