All about Optimus LTE 2

The model Optimus LTE 2 is the first unit to have 2GB of ram, middle of last year, and initially launched in its native land, Korea, but now starting to invade India and the Philippines. This is the very same reason why it’s hard to find English reviews for this phone model. With its main bragging feature 2GB RAM, others find this an overkill for a cellular phone, but I thought otherwise — it was brilliant! This is to be believed a CDMA, however the Korean market launched this to have the GSM function. So today we’ll talk about Optimus LTE 2 specifications, benchmarks and features.

Look and Feel

We’ll start with our first impression. This 4.7 inch phone (720 x 1280 pixels) is made up of true HD-IPS LCD (gorgeous display) capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors, while its back cover is made up of rough plastic, so pretty good for grip, it’s not gonna fall off when you are holding it with just one hand. Two cameras for this phone, 8 MP rear (3264×2448 pixels) & 1.3MP for the front camera. It has autofocus and led flash, while video is set at 1080p! I don’t mind the corners of this unit, I heard others are disturbed by it — that’s not going to affect the performance anyway.


Dig into the main features

With the release of Optimus LTE 2, I think LG can really compete with Samsung and Apple (where did Apple copy their screen?) it is just that they need to make their phones be known globally. And if they continue doing the “first” in implementing features like 2gb memory, people will appreciate and value their products. Here are some cool features of Optimus LTE 2:

  • 1.5GHz Dual-Core Processor (Snapdragon S4 Plus processor)
  • 4.7-inch (1280×720) IPS Display
  • 16GB Internal Storage, got expansion slot for micro sd card
  • 2GB DDR2 RAM (first phone to have 2GB of RAM, better than Galaxy S3!)
  • Superb Camera: 8MP with AF LED Flash (rear) and 1.3MP (front)
  • Fast Connection: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0 with A2DP, supports 3G/4G Network
  • Android 4.12 Jelly Bean
  • Battery: 2,150mah

Other cool stuff:

– Wireless charging capability (wireless pad sold separately)
– Camera features: * Time machine = captures the missing moment before pressing the shutter. * Camera Keywords = where you can say cheese, smile, whisky or kimchi to automatically take photo. * HDR = combines photos taken at different exposures to one optimal photo while compensating for the backlight. * Panorama = continuous photos are assembled into one single panoramic image.
– Quick boot: 10 seconds, Off: 5 seconds
– 2GB DDR2 RAM (first phone to have 2GB of RAM, better than Galaxy S3!)
– Vivid Screen: 326 ppi pixel densities, using Optimus UI 3.0
– Qmemo: Write and share a memo on the screenshot
– HDMI connection via Micro USB to HDMI adapter.

Not Hot?

For a decent phone, there are things that I wish could have been better.

– Antenna for tv, good only for the Korean region. (not disturbingly visible though)
– Heavier than other smart phones.
– Not using OLED display. OLED Displays have faster response times, better viewing angles, improved contrast and consume less bettery power.
– Just dual core, hoping for quad to match the ram. More cores result in better parallelism, meaning more tasks can be processed in parallel without slowing down the User Interface.
– Hard to find suitable accessories locally, like covers since this is market in Korea.


Below are the actual Antutu and Quadrant benchmarks results. Again the purpose of comparison is to know how the device would do and process applications. This is not to show that Optimus LTE 2 can beat the high-end phones like Note 2 or S4. 😛






Jumping from an old Samsung phone, this would have been a major leap, the ram is the killer, just enough not to close my running apps. I have installed numerous games, and Optimus LTE 2 has not failed on me. Graphics wise, it may not be the best GPU in the market, but the 3d games are responding pretty well. I love the camera features, no lags when taking several continuous shots. Also I’m trying other mobile brand, since I’ve been using Samsung gadgets for the past years. The Optimus LTE 2 is just the perfect phone that I need.


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