Snapdragon is not a dragon, and Tegra is not a tiger!

Some of you felt you were alienated when you hear geeks/tech lords talking about mobile processors. Like which one is the beast, which one is good for gaming, which one dries up your battery fast. And that bewildered eyes of yours, is running crazy, aside from other parameters like budget constraints, phone size, availability; these jargons just add up to your  dumbfounded brains: Exynos, Snapdragons, Tegra….But don’t lose hope, the world did not end in 2012 😛

I recommend that you check your mobile specs using the CPUBoss (yeah just like a boss!) before you buy or do an upgrade.


You will be able to see the performance, gpu, browser, feature comparisons as well as the advantages over the other. Isn’t it cool? So try it out and hope that helps you decide, which one suits you. 🙂


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