Traumatic Growth


We are all aware and heard about the natural calamities that took place in almost every part of the world. Strong typhoons, tsunamis, earthquake, volcanic eruption, and the likes had been experienced, and made everyone aware of it. The survivors of these calamities had proven to develop positive and psychological changes. They are more appreciative of life, more flexible, has better world view on the new possibilities, more strength and had improved relationships with family or spiritually. This was associated with the psychological term called “Post Traumatic Growth.”

But did you know that there’s one person who had seen this explanation, a long time ago? Yes it’s Friedrich Nietzsche, where he had written, “that which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” Apparently he is right.

I believe that it’s a choice though, to improve ourselves after a hardship, and that we make ourselves better by coping up with the different degrees of suffering. We need not to wait for another calamity to hit us, everyday we are surviving life changes from pain, heartaches, disappointments, domestic violence, etc. We can all have this mindset to continuously improve ourselves, after all, that’s the only thing we have control over.


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