A Philosophical panorama

I must admit, that I sometimes miss the forum debates, I can still recall the times when I’ve been battling with my philosophical inputs. Ok so here’s a question at the forum “Is Morality and the Law separate or not? Does the law dictates morality?”

So my take on it is that morality has always been objective for me. There is this universal understanding of “right” and “wrong” and that the laws are governed by it. A good sample would be the 10 commandments, wherein we have general laws based on that set of objective morals.

While others believe in subjective morality, depending on their cultural background, they tend to modify these sets of moral depending on circumstances, like I can steal money because I need to feed my family, but this does not change the fact that stealing will be stealing, killing someone is still murder, regardless of human capability.

About the question if the law dictates morality? For me this is a big NO, I see that there is a hierarchy where Morals come to be at the top, followed by Human Laws, and it’s not going to be in reverse way. (Law to Morality) There were controversial laws like abortion, same sex marriage, euthanasia which are being passed and accepted by other countries…though these may be existing, but that does not mean I have to do an abortion just because the law permits it. The existing laws does not define who I am, or the choices I will make. I will be governed by morals as dictated by conscience.


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