Walking away

What runs on your head when someone failed you? Like a subordinate who just dropped the ball on you, a boyfriend/girlfriend left you because of some “personal” reasons he/she couldn’t tell you, or when a family member dies? What are your coping mechanisms? How are you handling it?

I think asking yourself these questions will salvage you from possible drowning to stressful life situations. But when you think of it, we are doing life survival everyday, we learn to survive from hunger, from loneliness, from disappointments and other form of frustrations…and that itself is a mechanism when the big tides hit us. My way of coping is pretty simple:

– Eat like you’ve been hungry for months.

– Smile like you will never ever have that chance to do so.

– Think like crazy, meaning do other stuff.

– Notice the small things, like the person beside you at the bus, the traffic enforcer, your professor, anyone for that matter.

Doing these simple things, you will know that there is more to life, other than the baggage you are carrying now. Be thankful that you are alive. 🙂 No matter what, do not walk away from life…


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