The punch that shocked Pacquiao

When everyone is watching, waiting for the game to start, I am on dreamlandia mode, since I worked for night shift. The news spread fast, was able to get the result before actually seeing the fight. I have been a Pacquiao fan, he has given our country a great pride and respect when it comes to boxing discipline…but all has come to an end. The entire Philippine nation may kill me when I say that I am expecting the result to be Marquez taking over Pacquiao this time, but I did not expect it will be a total knockout just like that.

Giving credits to the power of Marquez, he made that fake move that gives that wide opening and an opportunity for that big right punch. Juan Manuel Marquez is the perfect nemesis of Manny Pacquiao, and it would be difficult for the later to have a better revenge against the former, unless he will give him a KO. A knockout of Marquez is almost close to impossible , ever since the rivalry started. It is not Mayweather Jr. that can match up Pacquiao, but its the accuracy of Marquez. With the two straight losing mark for Manny, others had been hoping him to retire from his boxing career, before he soaked down so low, just like what happened to other legends, in the likes of Mike Tyson. Pacquiao is absolutely great fighter, no doubt on that, we can even consider him a legend,  with the achievements he brought to himself, but I believe though that he should shake up a little if he wants to continue his boxing career, or retire early rather than beaten up badly by Marquez or other contenders. I am saddened that the result go against what all Filipinos had wished for, but Marquez had given him that punch he and the rest of the world, would never forget.


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