12 Signs of a Great Boss

If you were a fan of the famous TV Series, The Office, you would remember Michael Scott, Manager of the Dunder Mifflin, Scranton branch. I remember my laughing days at the boss-employees satiric theme of that show, how his decision making turns out to be an epic fail.

best boss mug

Having said that I came across this podcast which relates to the characteristics of a great boss. So if you dying to know if you are a good one, or just another Michael Scott, check this out:

1. You get great pleasure from helping others, measure your own success by theirs.

2. You don’t treat everyone the same, you must know people well enough to manage them accordingly.

3. You understand that your title gives you power. Intelligence and integrity give you influence.

4. Your feedback must be specific, sincere and share it frequently, so people know where they stand with you.

5. Praise people gives a lot of impact.

6. Make a constructive response to mistakes or challenges when delivering bad news, when necessary.

7. Communicate plans and goals clearly and people understand their roles and responsibilities.

8. Hire people smarter than you are, you can look at the office door and see your replacement.

9. Your staff members feel ownership of ideas eventhough you originate it, because you share power and credit.

10. You know the occassions when only a top down decisions will do.

11. You are a continuous learner, always looking to improve skills.

12. Employees know what you stand for.

The list above does not require you to be a perfect boss, since it does not, and will never exist. It gives you hints to check if you are bringing your people to the right direction.


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