The winner takes it all

What an awesome feeling to win a prize, for something that is absolutely no sweat. I happened to join a promo in, its the 2nd day of this promo period, and we only have one entry per day. Since its a local marketplace kind of website, the game is pretty simple, to find the advertisement Lourd is looking for, with the corresponding clues given to you. All the correct entries will be raffled, and will be given special prizes. This is an ongoing promo till the end of this month.

Call me lucky, because its me joining for the first time on that promo period (well not really first time, have tried before) and I won a consolation prize. And really, it is not about the amount of money, because it is not that much, but you know its the feeling of being lucky among thousands, perhaps millions of possible entries for that day. I must admit, I am hopeful and kinda predictive about it. ^__^

What adds fun to that, is that the following morning, someone silly had texted me, asking what time I went online for the promo, because he wants to do the same thing.

Guy: Hey congrats for winning yesterday’s promo, just wanna ask you something.

Me: Thanks, sure, go on with your q.

Guy: What time you came online for the promo?

Me: I came around 12 lunch time (not telling him the “exact” time and scratching my head a little) And you know that’s a random raffle thing, right?

Guy: Oh ok, that’s it.

Me: Alright then, good luck!

Guy: Really????

That awkward moment, when you don’t know if the person you are speaking with, even understood what you just said…and you would like to mess him up by saying…”No, not really.”


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