5 Reasons why you must not ignore iTouch 5th gen

With the emergence of iPhone5, Apple also released this pretty neat edition of iTouch 5th gen. And though the price point for me is a bit high, there are still great Pro’s for this item:

1. iSight camera = this has to be the first on my list, with its 5MP camera, it also shoot 1080p HD video, and the front camera gets a boost for better FaceTime calls.

2. Powerful chip = Yes this now has the A5 chip, resulting to very responsive apps processing.

3. Stylish = Color lovers, now you have the option to select the item that would reflect your personality. Also this unit comes with a strap, so camera taking should be comfy and easy. (Still disappointed not having a camera button on its own)

4. New Apple Earpods = I think the design is sleek, fit comfortably on any types of ears, regardless of what you are doing. (jogging while listening to music) On top of that, the sound quality is superb, comparable to high end headphones!

5. Siri = For the S lovers out there, yes this feature comes in this latest generation of iTouch. This technology can do whatever you ask it to.

And with that said, this iTouch edition is going to be legen-dary!



  1. Hi Cyron, indeed the silver color is classy and a real winner! I prefer it too. On the other side, the new iPod Touch 5th gen colors make you feel young, active and vibrant. It reminded me of the nano versions. Perhaps another marketing strategy for them. Hey thanks for the visit!!!


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