Our friendly neighbor, but its not Casper

Today is dad’s and nephew’s birthday, (what are the odds huh?) and we prepared a special dinner for them. It’s funny that they share the same birthday and they very much look alike.

While having our early dinner, someone just knocked. Mom approached the gate and went back after a minute asking me to check that person instead, after she realized that its a Korean guy. No offense, but Mom’s been having trouble hearing anyone lately. Or just maybe, she is the typical person who’d rather not talk to foreigners because she’s afraid of saying what she didn’t mean to say, due to inability to express herself..which is pretty stale. Personally, I don’t think this is a case of language barrier, but it’s the mindset that you are afraid of something, though you have not plunged yourself to it, at all.

So after not having any choice, I talked to this guy, who’s standing at our gate with his umbrella (after the entire afternoon drizzles), he presented himself by giving this little something, (sorry no idea what this is, perhaps a good Korean delicacy) and he happens to be our new neighbor, as they just moved in today.

He was about to go, in a rush maybe, as there are many other neighbors to pay visit to…and I remember asking his name, so I could associate the face with a decent label. He is Kim, our new neighbor, and just dropped by to meet everyone in the community. It’s refreshing to meet new people with different culture, but have similar friendly values like Filipinos. That 1-minute chitchat is good enough to welcome him.

I went back inside and told Mom, that she must not be shy to talk to Kim, as he is one of our neighbors now. She joked around that she would call me EVERY TIME Kim visits us. As to my pundit, “sorry Mom, in life, you do not have the subtitle enabled all the time.” 🙂


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