Press 1 if you’re bored, Press 2 if you wanna die

You checked your old photos, videos, computer files or anything and suddenly the funny, embarrassing, hurtful memories came back? Well it happened to me this morning, as I checked my not-so-new external hard drive, actually trying to free some space for my movies, when I clicked on the RAN voice over recordings from TrendMicro (yes its the automated voice you hear when you call a company, like please press 1 for ___, press 2 for ___, etc), I played it and whoa, whose voice is that? 

🙂 Well its mine, my ancient files..It was funny slash a bit embarrassing listening to your own voice. Not that I’m putting myself down, but I still don’t know why they picked me back then as there are numerous modulated speakers in the office. Anyhow its done, its my historical imprint to the company, hahah! And mind you, it was not easy, because when we did the recording, had to record it a gazillion times to make sure its the same volume, same modulation, just same shits…it actually felt that my throat got raped SEVERAL times. (yes worst than ___, fill in the blank, honey) Y’know its the time when your boss is giving you shitty tasks that you just can’t say NO to it… I still finished that thing anyways, and heard that even after I resigned, they are still using that recording, hahaha! silly.



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  2. Memories are always good. As they say, life is so fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it. I am quite sure you have a good voice that’s why they picked you. Thanks for the follow!


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