Busy? Nah just lazy!

Yes this post had declared my “National Lazy week” — I’ve been with a lot of things but failed to update this blog…sorry about that. Uhmm let me start by saying that my cybercrime vigilance had prevailed. Yey, worth the long post I wrote. The bogus seller account has been suspended after I reported it to the admins, well that’s the least I can do.

Secondly, the world followed the finale of American Idol, the results has been the global trending in social networking sites, but Jessica Sanchez with Jennifer Holliday duet, set the highlight of the night. What I like about that performance is the passion for singing of these two iconic stars, or soon to be for Jessica, and the way they deliver it, it is just so EPIC! And if you terribly missed it, you can check this video:

Filipinos had supported Jessica Sanchez all the way out, and wished to take home the crown. Having Philip Philips take that number 1 spot, its ok for me too, he deserved it, and this chap reminded me of Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20, he has this swagger, unique voice where he could fit into alternative rock or country pop rock. Just the mere fact that both of them ended up in that top 2 slots, is already a winning spot. Jessica has been compared to Jasmin Trias, which I find ridiculously funny, just because the latter is not powerful enough for me and must not be compared to Jessica’s talent. (peace!)

Oh also watched PBA, its been years since the last time I watched live.

Lastly, I’ve been eyeing for an Android phone this time, I am still and will always be an IOS fanatic, but I wanna try something new. It is the feeling of learning new stuff excites me, and mind you I don’t read instructions hehehe, I learned my gadgets thru navigation. 🙂 (kinesthetic!)


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