Talking about nosy

I’m an aquatic enthusiast. I buy and sell fishes. Earlier I met a fish buyer. We decided to meet in SM Masinag, how generous of him to travel coming from Makati, he must have really liked my ad.

I always make sure I’m on time, thats a value add-on I give personally to my customers. As we met, I am showing him the fishes, a woman came in, who’s about late 40s or early 50s, and asking if the fish were for aquarium. I answered her politely and say,

Me: Yes it is.

She asked again…

Woman: Tilapia ba yan?

Me and the buyer answered, Hinde po cichlids po

And she remarked…

Woman: Ahh mukha kaseng tilapia!

And she left…thankfully she did that.

Yes there will be people like her, you just cant please everyone, there are nosy, opinionated, pretending that they know what their talking about and just have that courage to ask random people with their silly questions…what a day!


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