Attitude is altitude

I recently changed my wordpress URL, it didn’t occur to me that my followers, cyber friends and the like might be lost or surprised with this change, hehhee.

I hate it when coworkers cheat on you when it comes to productivity and throwing out excuses. I wasn’t born yestereday and its shitting the hell out of me to know that they can just give lame excuses…just like that. If the nature of your job is working on websites, it is REQUIRED to have internet connection, and I don’t really buy the idea that “Hey I’m outside the city, sorry I wasn’t online.” — it is just so inconsiderate, duh! If you are backsliding from your work, then I can walk you through the exit, so we can find someone who can do the job done. We’ve been lenient with scheduling and I’m not sure what level of consideration you’d like me to give you, if you’re the type that wouldn’t care?


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