Four Temperaments

The best way to compete with yourself is to know thy inner you.¬†— No worries, this is not a quote of some famous person, I invented it. ūüôā I took this¬†four temperaments personality test, and it boiled down to this realization that I am possibly…. the Choleric type. ¬†(after taking another personality test with same result)

The choleric temperament is fundamentally ambitious and leader-like. They have a lot of aggression, energy, and/or passion, and try to instill it in others. They can dominate people of other temperaments, especially phlegmatic types. Many great charismatic military and political figures were choleric. They like to be in charge of everything. However, cholerics also tend to be either highly disorganized or highly organized. They do not have in-between setups, only one extreme to another. As well as being leader-like and assertive, cholerics also fall into deep and sudden depression. Essentially, they are very much prone to mood swings.  The choleric possesses a sharp, keen intellect and will combine with great enthusiasm. Very successful in his/her profession, working diligently in spite of obstacles. Choleric are brief, precise, and sure in their speech.

Choleric women are very rare, but strangely enough are very popular people that, quite simply, have very different ways of dealing with issues. They can and do frustrate their partners by being unavailable, but this is exactly what makes them so desirable. They wouldn’t make mistake most other women do, for example, when they smother their partners with love eventually repelling them.

If it meant above as rare just like precious gems, then so be it, hahahh. I’d like to believe that I am the leader type, strong willed and always craving for success, or perhaps influential to others. (even a bit of these, is good enough)¬†I can be bossy to my siblings, impatient to some situations and enjoy debates or argumentative remarks.¬†¬†Oh yeah I am stubborn and has an opinion on everything. Isn’t it funny slash amazing sometimes, that we get to nod on some information out of this so-called “personality tests?” I remember taking a Mensa exam years ago, to measure my IQ and if I was a part of the top 20% smart asses of this planet, it was bloody hard. Now you have the idea why I’m taking any form of self tests — finding FUN out of it, somehow.

I know that there is no better or worse personality type, it is just a matter of discovering our personality tendencies. What’s yours?


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