Party at Tong Yang

It is 2nd year Christmas party. We decided to try Tong Yang in Megamall. Dinner buffet starts at 5:00PM till 10:00PM. I arrived there at around 7pm after battling for over an hour of traffic in Ortigas, and started our “pigout dining session.” The buffet costs P585 per person, where food, drinks and desserts are unlimited.

Tong Yang hot plate

Yes, I decided not to eat with rice and go for protein stuff. My technique in not getting bloated over a bunch of food choices is to only get small amount per food type. I was able to taste the following: chicken liver,  shitake mushrooms, prawn, beef strips, lamb meat, octopus, some veggies that goes with butter, salami, chicken hotdogs, bite size cupcakes. As much as I’d like to build my very own banana split version, but I don’t wanna hurt my tummy.

Protein rich

Meet the men

Boss Ohms gave us a souvenir where our company logo is printed on a black t-shirt, I like that kind of bling bling effect 🙂 We went home with our bags of goodies. So I think we had a pretty good xmas time this year.


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