Visit to Oceanarium

I have this great affinity with water inhabitants. And it has been a long-time plan to visit Manila Oceans park, but due to schedule changes and availability, it never really push through last quarter, not until I decided that it should materialize this month. Let me start our marine adventure.

First off, from Antipolo, we decided to take the Sumulong Highway, go with the LRT Santolan-Recto route, and from Recto station and just took a cab from there. Since its a Saturday morning, traffic is not that heavy. So it only take us an hour and a half to finally land at that wonderful water park. Though we came early like around 11am, the line is starting to pile up. We decided to take the marine life package which comprises of Jelly dancing show, sea lion show and Oceanarium. We could have taken the one with the penguin package but we decided to have that on our next visit. (Yes I am sure of coming back!)

For more of their holiday packages, check this out!

So our first leg is at the Jelly Dancing show. I don’t need to tell how awesome these species are, here are some pics taken:

If there’s a little drawback at the Manila Ocean’s park, I believe its the dining experience. With the volume of people that go there, there should have been more food chain or restaurants, as opposed to food  stalls. Not much of a food choice really, because either you’ll starve yourself for hours till you get a table at Gerry’s/North Park, or eat junk just like what we did…so we ended up taking pizza and yogurt for our lunch. (Sorry the picture does look like a crap.)

Then its time to watch the Sea Lion show. I’m not into sea lion but its amazing to see show off sea lions, the way they clap their fins, awesome posts and even smile, hehhehe.

Just before the show starts

With the tremendous humidity outside, we decided not to finish the sea lion show and just head back inside for the Oceanarium…and the saga began. There are a lot to tell about marine life, at the first leg of the tour, we are already surprised with the giant specie which appears to be 6 feet long. We also see tiger barbs, red arowanas, red belly paccu, cichlids, and other salt water fishes which I have only seen for the first time. Below are some inhabitants i could recall:

Yes, I found Nemo! (clownfish)

Stonefish (yes he is a bit grouchy)



Puffer fish

Lion fish

Eel (looks like a garter to me)



Overall, I think the marine life experience is nice, very entertaining and amazing for kiddos/fish enthusiasts to watch. This should have been included in school field trips. So what are you waiting for, visit Philippines Manila Ocean’s Park and appreciate awesome aquatic moments.


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