Hanep, Pinas

This is not your mundane post where you get to be wowed by Philippine pride. I know there are lots of awesome places, culture and cool resources here in our country, but there are several facets which I find imprudent:

– Our water meter has been stolen together with 10 more households meters in our subdivision. In a place where we thought we’re safe to live, to relax and where convenience should be at peak, an unforeseen action took place. No information yet as to how it happened and where the assholes go, not even an assurance from the home owners/security agency…Nothing at this point, what we are left with is the fact that we need to fetch water outside and pay for the brand new meter.

– Newspaper taglines na talagang pamatay. Title pa lang ulam na, either you laugh your ass of or you get scared to death.

Killer headlines

 – Highly sociable. Even public transportation like LRT, yes people wanted to be added on your friend’s list. But kidding aside, Filipinos always find an avenue for public humor like this. (Like or Hate them — Wouldn’t you agree to have “I Hate” in Facebook?)

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– We are naturally expressive. If we can print our expressions to any walls, shirts, boards, online pages and a whole lot more, I’m sure we’ll  be running out of space. Being fervid can be good sometimes, but we have to be wary.


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