E-commerce netiquette

I really think that e-commerce had made my life a lot easier. I was able to buy cool stuff online, no hassle very smooth transaction. The same way that I was able to sell a lot of items and was given good feedback. So I’d like to share some e-commerce netiquette, with some actual negotiation transcripts:

========= start of transcript ============

Buyer:  Can you do meetup in @#$ASDF23!@#%?

Seller:  Yes we can!

Buyer: What’s the last price for this item?

Seller: The one on my post is the last price, thanks for your interest!

Buyer: Aw last price na? Saw another listing for item blah blah for only 9K but it has a few scratches already. I’m very interested in your item but of course I’d like to test/check it out first. No flaws or anything? (item status is already indicated on the advertisement post)

Seller: It is in your discretion to get the blah blah item, what I have on my post are all there with the bundle and stuff. No worries, I’d be happy to offer mine to others, thanks for your interest.

Buyer: Okay, was just hoping you’d be more accommodating about my queries but yeah thanks anyway.

========= end of transcript ============

My tips? Oh yes here you go:

1. If you are looking for an item online, for the love of God, read every section of the advertisement. Lahat ng kasingit singitan basahin mo. This will save you time by not asking obvious questions, and making you more attentive sa advertisement details.

2. Never compare items coming from different sellers. Kung itatanong mo sakeng why not sasagutin kita ng ganito, dahil kung bibili ka pa lang ng item hinde mo pa “actually” alam ang “status” nung unit, so no basis for item comparison. Iba iba rin ang pricing judgement ng sellers since sila ang nakakaalam ng condition ng item. Therefore it is ridiculous to compare stuff if the item is 2nd hand.

3. Para sa mga buyer, wag tayong sensitive, kung ayaw ibenta saten, wag tayong magmaktol, wala naman tayong initial deposit since we are only inquiring diba? The seller has all the right to sell the item sa taong gusto nyang pag bentahan, at malas mo kung hinde ikaw yun. Sorry mare at pare that’s what you call “life.”

4. To all sellers, wag tayong maging snob, we must entertain all inquiries no matter how stupid it can be. Khit pa halata mong hinde nagbabasa ng advertisement mo fully, mag pa sensya pa rin tayo.

5. If you are a seller, make sure to be honest sa condition ng item mo. Include it on your advertisement para detalyado, my suggestion is that you make an FAQ section, kapag tinanong ka pa rin, refer them to your post.

6. If you are a buyer and do not have enough money, stop bugging sellers. You are only gonna be wasting their time.

7. Promises are promises. When you commit to a sure deal transaction go for it, not unless an “emergency” came into picture. Let me define emergency cases:

         – Life and death, you got hit by a bus, stranded in a far away place, your wife is going to deliver your baby, etc.

         – Financial emergency, money got lost, your friend hacked your bank account, so on..

Note: It is never an emergency, if you just have a sudden change of heart and decided not to get the item from that seller. I call this sabotage. 😛 Not unless, on the very last minute you found out that you are dealing with a bogus seller.

8. Negotiation doesn’t always equate to “babaan mo ang price mo.” You can negotiate with the terms of payment, meetup places, item bundle and such. At kung sinabeng last price na, wag kang makulet by asking “what’s the lastest price?” Aba naman ate/kuya, wala ka sa palengke, kaya stop na ang pagtawad ng walang katuturan. Always meet halfway.

9. For all sellers, be mindful of the after purchase support. Hinde yung pag nabenta mo na tapos na, hinde ka na makontak at hinde ka na rin nag eentertain ng mga inquiries. For better customer relationship, still keep in touch. My suggestion is to always offer personal warranty, I think this is fair para sa buyer na hinde nila iisiping nabentahan sila ng dehadong item.

10. Last on my list would be, be careful on every online transaction you’ll have, ma-pa-buyer ka man or seller. Always do feedback checks, kung puro negative rating na yan, engot ka na lang makipag deal pa sa kanya. Check the offer if its good to be true, wag tayong padalos dalos na komo “mas mura” taeng taeng bumili na. Actually mas maraming nabibiktima dahil sa cheap concept na to.

There you have it folks, I hope the above tips make sense to you. And if you are wondering if the transcript is for real….well guess what, item has been sold to another interested buyer. :-p Didn’t bother to reply to the last comment, though I thought I did accommodate the inquiries, but it just felt that replying to her would just be a waste of my precious time. Ramdam ko rin ang panghihinayang nya sa item ko, well cant blame her, my item says it all.

All I can say is always bring manners with you even in this virtual world.


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