It’s all about spider WEB

It is the time of the year that Godaddy is spamming my Inbox, rather reminding me on my domain renewals. So now I’m in the middle of deciding if I must keep my existing domains or just jump with the new ones, since I am planning to have different niche. When you think about it, this should just be really simple, but I don’t know why I’m stucked. And as I rummage to the cheapest web hosting provider for my new sites I thought of adding this one to my wishlist:

You bet, my list is just piling up. And oh yes, I’d rather help others to setup/host their websites, than being stucked in choosing a name for my domain, I don’t feel productive at all. 😛 Is there anybody out there, willing to enlighten me on this venture? (Nahh, no one is reading this post.)

Speaking of new business dodges, yes I am mapping a small venture because I’d like to retire early in my professional life, as in literally, and if I can work this out, I’ll let you know what that is. 🙂


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