Stuck in “the Office”

The Office is the 2005 hit mockumentary TV series on the lives of Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch employees, where workday consists of ego clashes, lead by their lousy boss Michael Scott (Steve Carell), and of course too many inappropriate behavior and a lot of procrastination.

I can’t believe that this show has run for years, but I must admit up to now this gang made me smile. Though it took me a little while (a year or two) to watch season 6, (now trying to get hold of S7) it felt that I am still able to connect the story line, as if I just watched Season 1-5 last week. (go figure) I get hooked by the type of comedy they placed in here, kind of sardonic, a bit twisted and how they turn things horribly wrong in funny ways. Don’t ask me if I love Jon Kransinski (Jim Halpert) on this show….hell yeah! And yes some people are not into this kind of comedy but I think Carell is effective enough.


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