Reality Orgasm

Just when you thought that I am referring to the crappy reproductive health bill, oh I won’t, a lot of people are already buzzing about it. This post is about something subliminal.

What is your ultimate reality? As we want to live in a “real world” how come our worlds are different from each other if we co-exist in the same world? Why other people choose a life full of oddities and madness? Why we cannot come up of an absolute real world?

The fact is, we can never find someone exactly the same as we are…same mindset, same wavelength and that just make a real absolute world seemingly impossible. Having multiple idealism of reality, there is the tendency to be confused about when something is real or not. Yes we know how it is defined by thesaurus.

Main Entry: reality
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: facts of existence, something that truly exists, is real,indispensable content, nature of a being, life

We know to ourselves that there are things in our life that we hope to be part of existence or vice versa…and that sometimes some spurious imagination are more realistic than this world, and that we choose to stay there for awhile because we felt a certain serenity. Doing that creates our relative small worlds. For some, reality is internet world, for others reality is building a family, for many, it is something unknown but yet to come. For me reality is knowing ourselves, using world’s resources to the best I can and just being humane. Some worlds maybe a bit different, but we will all meet at some point.


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