Belated Mom’s day

It is only yesterday that I get to give mom a happy mother’s day treat. First off, we went to SM Masinag as it was the first time we visited since it opened last May 6. The route is only half an hour away from home (can you imagine that) and glad to know that we won’t have a hard time to commute back and forth.┬áSo we decided to shop around for bags, shoes, underwears and canvass electronic appliances like LED TVs. Yes, I have a plan of buying one, I’m still in the midst of weighing video quality over price.

We get to try Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria which is located at the 2nd floor SM building. It is an Italian-American restaurant and I asked mom to order for us. She picked the Joey Pepperoni pizza and Bolognese pasta. (sweet style)

For a total of Php400, yes it is affordable for a merienda. Taste wise it is not that splendid, just about right to have a decent meal..but I think it could be better. If you have a big appetite, this may not also be for you, a typical shared serving can be eaten just by a single person. Oh and one more thing, when they serve a meal, there is no serving spoon or fork, so you’re going to use your utensils. If I were to rate the ambiance, service and food, as 5 being the highest, then I’d give Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria a 3.0.

We actually rushed to finish our food just to be on time for the movie, the Priest. I made that movie choice, I thought it would be better that I picked it than mom picks a local one, hahah. Not that I hate local movies, but I don’t want to waste my money for something I am not even interested with. It is almost 5pm when the movie starts.

The Priest is a sci-fi thriller movie that stars Paul Bettany as the priest himself, Karl Urban as Black Hat, Cam Gigandet as Hicks, Maggie Q as the priestess and Lily Collins as Lucy. This is a typical war between man and vampires. It only gets personal to the warrior priest because his niece is abducted by a pack of vampires…the only way to save her is for the priest to break his vows. It appears that mom enjoyed the movie because she said “prang mabilis lang yung movie.” and I told her, time fleets fast when you are having fun. ­čÖé┬áOverall the movie is 9/10, for the cool action effects, I think the villains are scary enough though we all know it’s just a plain animation, and the┬ástory that revolves around faith, family and sacrifice.

There you have it, just any typical mall getaway. How about you guys, how┬ádid you spend time with your moms this Mother’s day?


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