There are a lot of things in life that need to be adjusted, I tag it as “negotiable.” All of us have this imaginary list of negotiable and non-negotiable, in any form or relationships. (Gf-Bf, Work, Family, Friends, etc) For a quick representation, lemme give you an example:


                              – Occasional drinking with friends.

                              – Metrosexual or vain.

                              – Workaholic.


                              – Drugs or smoking. (Vices)

                              – Being a player. (Not exclusive)

                              – Not a con artist or gold digger

So the first set are the ones you allow somehow but with a certain degree of limitations, in our sample above, it’s fine to have a vain boyfriend, but not too much. Or someone who is a bit workaholic, but know when to spare his little time with his gf. Non-negotiables are definitely “Must-not-have” and nothing can change your mind about that. Most often these are the basis for you to turn down someone, or your threshold when dealing with other people. How about you, what are the non-negotiable in your life?

Also I wanna ask you this, was there ever a point that your non-negotiable got somehow mixed with your negotiable? What drives the change? What factor would you possibly consider for this “switch?”


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