iTouch apps: I like

So maybe you have iOS 3 and above, or even the latest 4.3, (I still have not upgraded, and you know why :P) Lemme just share to you my favorite apps that I cannot remove from my gadget. It just made my life a lot easier and fun.

1. iPod Mailbox = My Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail accounts are all sync here, I get to check my webmails wherever I go. Just convenient and great!

2. Podcast TV =  This is the reel deal, music and fun videos, in case you missed it.

3. Skype & Yahoo messengers = Oh yes, another way for your contacts to reach you.

4. WordPress = To all bloggers out there, you must have this app on your iPods, it makes posting and moderating comments a lot easier. You can now blog anywhere you are.

5. Games =  These are just some of the new games I just downloaded on my iTouch, and yeah wasting my time a bit, heheh.

6. WinterBoard = If you like customizing your iPod, then this is a must-have, where you can download themes and tones.

There you have it, I’m sure you too have your share of cool apps from your iTouch, I’d be interested to know that as well.


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