Good stuff

It is always nice to see old faces. Parang last month ko lang sila huling nakita, considering I haven’t seen them in ages. Normally I’m not that fascinated with reunions and stuff, but for whatever divine intervention, it made me meet them again. Of course we are always back to the time where we left off. Some things never change, correction….some awesome things never really change.

It is almost impossible to avert from the past, its funny to recall stuff, and even funnier kapag paulet ulet ang kamustahan about work, life, relationships, etc, na para bang kulang ang maghapon, khit pa wala silang tulog. The interesting stories from them, and whatever shits.  Glad to see them all.



  1. sessh, me video ba? i didn’t see it, akala ko pics lang ‘to. or i might have overlooked it. hays sobrang bano ko talaga pagdating sa mga ganito, kaya na i-i-stalk eh, hehe


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