Seemingly ridiculous

What keeps me busy these past few days is going back to being a forum moderator in MinuteWorkers. I’ve been out, and now the site is totally adorable with the new features and turf, I’m beginning to get hooked at it.

The other day I’m a bit pissed at someone, considering how an asshole he can become at times. I’m just not too sure if he is noticing it, or if anybody has told him that. But maybe, his time will come. So I told myself, what the heck, if he wont care, why should I?

As I prowl in cyberland, these pictures are just crazy that you too will be delighted.

Hahah, silly Liam!

Come and eat me!

(Translation: If you’re sexy, then fare is free. If you are fat, then pay double)

How could you!!!

Warning: Sexual gratification can lead to death!

What in the world…



  1. Funny stuff. I feel bad for the guy that died. Clearly he just wanted to have a good time. Laughing gas?!?? He should have listened when his mother told him not to put that plastic bag over his head. Same principle applies.


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