Fade away

Am I really that busy, that’s why it took me weeks before updating this? Maybe I am, I just hope I wont be burn out, hehhe. So what do I have recently? At work there are lots of processes going on, and this is what I expected, now with this new kind of responsibility, the set of expectations are going to be new as well, I must assume the position offered.  I just wonder how Christmas is going to be this year.

Also I was able to try the Android system using one of the samsung galaxy tab clone, while majority of the people are saying its the I-Pad clone, but comparing its physical structure, orientation and all, I’d rather have it tagged as the soon to be galaxy clone.  The system is using Android 1.6, where basic apps are working like Facebook, Skype, MSN, of course internet and other free APK that you can find in the internet.

After few weeks of testing it, I felt that I am buying an item similar to netbook, though it is way portable, sleek probably but its functionality is the same as any netbooks in the market. the unit seems to be less important to me, than I thought or maybe the item bored me easily.


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