How I met your mother

I miss Ted Mosby and the gang (Robin, Marshall, Barney, and Lily). Did you know that Barney have a site?  Oh yes he has. I should check out the latest episodes to this cool show, How I met your mother. It’s about Ted Mosby’s search for his lifetime partner. He is narrating it to his children and how his friends adventure makes his search a better experience. I particularly like Barney’s playful character and how he invented such peculiar words, and how he overly used the term “awesome!” of course let us not set aside his suit. this is a series where everyone can relate to, because at one point we all are young, goofy, impulsive and enjoy so much fun during our younger years. Ohh well, I better catch up.

the love triangle

whats wrong with this pic?

the “couple”