BDO internet banking

A lot of us are transacting online via Paypal, aside from the fact that it is famous, commonly used by many, what makes it belonging to the top online payment method is the convenience of transferring money directly to your bank account. I’ve been rigidly using Paypal for almost a year, buying products online, paying workers, receiving payment, withrawing paypal credits to my local BDO account. In short, may mga nagtatanong kung paano ba mag register for BDO internet banking, para maassociate sa Paypal account. I am hoping that this post would be of great help.

I’ll be posting this overdue promise of mine about the process on BDO internet banking application. Yup, I’ve been busy at masyado akong nalibang, hehe.

If you have other questions, just lemme know. Oh btw, the screencapture program I use for the video is called, Camtasia. You can download it for free! 🙂


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