I normally don’t talk about Filipino celebrities, other than Manny Pacquiao’s prestigious fights or Noynoy Aquino’s historical inauguration. But these past few days I’ve been seeing two celebrities whom I’d like to talk about today. Sometimes it’s alright to feel and say crappy about other people, hahaha! Let’s get it on…

Marian Rivera

No contest she is naturally beautiful, gifted with an awesome sexyness, which is every man’s desire. This week her name is being dragged with the news that she is jealous to a newcomer Bela Padilla. They say that Marian physically hurt and threatens Bela asking the latter to stay away from her boyfriend, Dingdong Dantes. It all started from one scene in Endless love, which Dingdong is supposed to hug Bela. Marian does not want Bela’s boobs on Dingdong’s chest. (Eh di hinde na hug un, marunong ka pa sa direktor!) Marian wants Bela out of the primetime casting. If this is true, poor thing, sayang ang ganda. There had been rumors from the past that Marian is acting like a primadonna and I don’t know if this issue supports that.


Buwi of Parokya ni Edgar joined the Survivor Philippines 2010. He is also the tribe leader of Magan, who decided to vote out Doc Ferdz. First off, I thought that Buwi does not have a leadership skill to manage his tribe. It has been proven on the immunity challenge (rowing boat), and this poor leadership brings them to that loss.

Survivor Philippines

Second, its funny that he is plotting Doc Ferdz as a threat, at an early part of the program. Only morons would do that move, knowing that your team has a long way to go. You don’t want everyone in your team to be voted out prior to that merge. So you need people that will make you win the challenges, too bad he had kicked Doc Ferdz out of his tribe. Third, I think he is a bit egocentric, his decision of voting Doc Ferdz because he is a threat can be a form of his insecurity. It’s true though that he is not bossing around people, but its a major turnoff to vote someone out whom you know can still contribute to the team, just because you feel you are inadequate as a leader because of that person. He should vote out the least contributor to the team. I dont know about Buhi, but they can only hope that their tribe will win on the next challenges.

I said earlier that I’ll be posting local celebrities, I can’t help but to include this international junky.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

I know you heard about his racism video shit in Youtube against Manny Pacquiao. All I can say….as if you are not black!!! Instead of crashtalking, it would be better if they fight in the boxing ring, because real men are not chicken out by that. It’s funny that he apologized for that video, and he is with two asian women whom he promised to give free tickets on the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight….hahahah that fight will only happen in dreams because Mayweather wouldn’t agree to that! So its like, no fight, no tickets bitches!!!

For more info on this Mayweather video, here is the link:


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