Legit: Bloggerwave

Bloggerwave is a commercial portal for bloggers and advertisers. The bloggers will be given topics/jobs and they can select what topics to write, following the keywords and links as requested by the advertiser. The blog post creation is easy, and btw great help from Google if you are unfamiliar with the topic, hhehe. I was only given 1 post and its about anti-aging.  After almost 45 days from the last post I made with Bloggerwave, I received an email from Paypal that I am paid $4.00 for the article I wrote.

It is cool when you did not expect anything but then you are paid. I just wished that there will be more jobs offered, I am not sure about this though, but like any other blog sites, this is based on demographics, eliminating other countries. Well I can only hope that there will be more jobs available in our country. In any case, still WTG Bloggerwave!


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