Scam: Imcrew

Imcrew is a big travesty to people who are finding luck to internet. With a better understanding in my current job, I am beginning to understand funnels, squeeze pages on how to draw traffic or people to your site. And these scam sites are using different marketing strategies to bait people in believing that they will get something out of that stupid site.

Imcrew fooled a lot of members by promising a referral bonus, I have the hunch that if its good to be true, I know its fake. But due to finding out where this lead to, I become a part of this crappy site.

here are some stuff I noticed from Imcrew, that proves that they are so damn fictitious.

– pre-launch date had been delayed twice. first august 1 then became august 12, they are simply modifying the date as shown above.

– its impossible to earn $10 just by getting people as your affiliate!

– when you will be promised to get paid just by doing nothing, hold back because you don’t want your time to be wasted.


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