How to transfer Paypal to your BDO bank account

A lot of us have Paypal accounts, some are having a hard time transferring money to their debit cards. Just recently, I had received my payout from MinuteWorkers and decided to try out the bank transfer method. You may want to check from Paypal regarding the minimum required for bank transfer. For Philippines, it is a minimum of PhP500. Here are the steps that you can try if you wish to receive money on your BDO account.  

1. Go to your Paypal account and click on My Account tab and Withdraw, as shown on the image.

2. You will be able to see your Paypal balance and you will put the amount in USD of the money you wish to transfer. Proceed by clicking the Continue button.

3. You will see the review your withdrawal page, take note that there is a fee of P250.00. Once done with the review click on submit.  

4. This is the next screen that you will see. In my case it took almost 5 business days to complete. This is a confirmation that you requested for a withdrawal.

5. This is the screenshot of what you will receive on your registered email address with Paypal. You will see the ETA date, amount transferred, your bank account and transaction id.

If you have registered Internet banking with BDO, kindly login to that. Shown below is the online transaction report showing of the remittance amount and your new balance.

That should be the transfer process to your BDO account. Hope this helps you with your Paypal earnings!



  1. Hi there, thanks for the useful info! Pero tanong ko lang, how were you able to link up your bdo account to your paypal? Pareho rin ba nung process sa pag verify ng credit card? Yung may unting amount na i-withdraw si Paypal from your account then you’ll have to key-in the verification number to activate yung account set-up?



  2. Hello Dani, yes exactly the same way like credit card. May ibabawas na konting amount. If you signed up for BDO internet banking, simply login to, sa My Transaction section mo makikita yung amount deducted pati yung verification number na ilalagay mo sa Paypal. Hope this answers your question. Thanks for visiting!


  3. Heya, thanks for visiting my website. Would you like to exchange links? Btw, this post is really helpful. I wonder how do you register internet banking with BDO? Could you please give some tutorial about it? Thanks! 🙂 All the best.


    1. Hi tins, thanks for dropping by. Are you pertaining to opening a savings account from BDO? If yes, as I remember it right, ito yung mga requirements for savings account with passbook: Php5,000, 2 valid ids and yung form sa bank na fill-up mo, kelangan din ata ng ID picture, cannot remember what size, heheh its years ago, but you can always visit any branch of BDO to inquire. You can also request from the bank if you wish to try internet banking.

      Hope this helps.


  4. Hi gud day!! thanks sa mga info..ask ko lang po kung ano yung pinakamadali para ma transfer yung account sa paypal…nalaman ko di kc na pede rin pala sa western union. Ok lang din po pa kung thru bdo atm ang pagtransfer???magtstart din po kc ako ng online business.tnks po


    1. hi tin, here is the link for the official banks accepted by Paypal.
      (Sa list kasama ang BDO)

      if ever you have BDO savings account, I would recommend yung mag apply ka ng internet banking, inquire it from your BDO branch regarding the process. in my case kase namomonitor ko ung transaction of BDO thru that, then nung inassociate ko with Paypal, sa transaction screen ng BDO, dun ko rin nakita ung verification code. Now, Paypal remembers your debit/credit card info, so for every withrawal naka save na yung BDO credentials mo. in my case it took 5 days before ko na receive ung payment sa ATM ng bdo account ko. hope this helps. thanks for visiting!


  5. Hi there
    Thanks for this info.. I was wondering if I can withdraw paypal using my bdo dollar account, I notice kasi mababa un palitan ng paypal eh.. Kaya ask ko sana if possible ba magwithdraw ng dollar sa paypal using bdo or any other way na pwede iwithdraw ng dollar?


    1. Hi pham, I haven’t tried that, but it seems possible if you have BDO dollar account, siguro pwede yung account na yun ang iassociate mo to your Paypal. thanks!


    1. hi there, I’m not sure what limit is that. All I know is if via Paypal, you will only have a limit for withdrawal if the account is not yet upgraded to Premier.


  6. Thanks for the info. I have a BDO account and been wanting to know and verify if transfering paypal fund to my BDO account is possible. At least I won’t have to withdraw cash and then deposit it over the counter.

    By the way, since I’m also a new Paypal user, what primary currency should I set on my account?

    Many thanks!


  7. To clarify. The 250PHP return fee is a cost deducted by Paypal if the transaction is returned.

    Paypal only charges 50PHP per transaction, as long as it is less than 7000PHP worth. This is free if you sent over 7000PHP.
    BDO charges 200PHP for this type of transaction (regardless of amount, so better send in large amounts).

    Which is why you find that 250PHP has been deducted.

    If you send over 7000PHP, only 200PHP will be deducted (BDO’s charge).


  8. Hi!! finally found this blog me makakausap na ko at me mapag tatanungin ’bout paypal…thank God!!!! ask ko lng po, kasi di ko ma elink yung BDO debit card ko with paypal so i went to BDO online internet banking taz nag enroll po ako??tama po ba yung ginawa ko? then i fill out all the necessary info pero bat di ko po mahanap yung document na kelangan esign??wala namang ng pop out when i was doing it though i already receive the notification from BDO that it’s already been process…mga ilang days pa po ba aantayin ko bgo magamit yung internet banking and how long should i wait para mailink ko na yung debit card ko sa paypal??…I’m keeping my fingers crossed..i sure do hope you guys could help me out..i have been dealing with this dilemma for weeks now…yung pay roll is hanging somewhere sa paypal…i’m so glad i found this blog!!! please help me out..a quick response will be greatly appreciated….


  9. Hi Theresa, thanks for dropping by. Check the video that I made here:

    For the BDO e-banking application form, you will first login to to check the status, at the bottom there is a link for “Print enrollment form” and that’s the form you’ll submit to the bank. Wait for one week, then ok na yun. You can now link your Paypal account with BDO debit card.

    Hope this helps. 🙂


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