End is near

after my years of staying in this company, finally my realization has come to a conclusion. we may lose the people we work with, the moments and time we spent with them, but we all need to move at one direction, which is upward. i am taking my career a notch higher, not just because i deserve it but its about time to leverage myself to the highly technological competitive world.

i am still apalled on whats gonna happen in the future, it seems that i am brought closer to that. should i work my ass off now that the end of the world is near…i dont know if i should feel threatened or excited about it. did you also realize that recently the world is experiencing the fulfillment of the prophecies. Like Dr. Owuor from Namibia who prophesize about the Chile and China earthquakes. It scares the hell out of me, knowing that something unknown is bound to happen. im not scared about death, im scared as to how death impacts the people i care about.

Everyday should be lived as if its the last day of the world. Maybe things would be different. Maybe my perspective would be more objective and focused. maybe i wouldnt be wasting much of my time online, like what im doing now.

Live High, live mighty

Live righteously. Let’s take it easy.

— Jason Mraz


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