whats the matter with you?

two days ago, i discovered two things for the first time in my entire working life. maybe because im sleepy during that time and trying to do something good before i left.

1. I should not be intimidated to corporate officers. They maybe the global account manager or the vice president of the company, most likely not of the same nationality as yours, whoever they are, i realized that they would like a mini chit-chat with the people that work for them. ive spoken to Eric, who happens to be our Global Program manager, visits Manila from time to time, but this time around, spending more than half an hour talking to me about the processes, what could have done, how we are doing and so on…and as they say when youre into something, u dont notice that time fleets like that. he is with our local account manager and i almost forgot that Eric is the “big boss” which is actually cool.

2. Saying I dont know wont get you anywhere. Eric barge in a call with one of the phone support engineers and he is asking about a process on account creation. V is our local account manager, who just got back, Eric immediately asked her if she is aware with the account creation process…im surprised when she blatantly said, I dont know Eric. a lot of questions pop to my head that time if im Eric:

– Why are you not aware of the process?

– Can you send someone who knows what this is all about?

– Who made final decisions here in your deparment?

i felt awkward with V’s answer, it is also weird why i have the drive to answer Eric’s question that time (i mean who am i to do that?), maybe i just felt that not all filipinos, in front of foreign high profile visitor, can ashame himself/herself, just like that. so in conclusion, i told Eric what i know and he accepted it and understood what happened. He is still the boss and he deserves to know what’s going on.

we shouldnt be scared of our bosses, because they would like to hear it from us. besides we shouldnt be intimidated if we know that we are just telling the truth. lastly, it doesnt matter what is ur position in the company, the organization structure is not the reflection of ones IQ. 😉 happy working!


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