The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones, which is written and directed by Peter Jackson is a soft, touching movie about how death impacts the people around us. The best-selling novel is written by Alice Sebold. It is actually good that Peter Jackson directed this, he gets to present the scenes the way he wanted it to. Mark Wahlberg as Jack Salmon, the father’s role is initially offered to Ryan Gosling who backed out a month before the final casting. Ryan believed that he is too young to be the father of a 14-year old daughter (Saoirse Ronan as Susie Salmon).

susie is walking home from school, she runs into her neighbor, george harvey (Tucci), who coaxes her into seeing an underground den he says he has built for the neighborhood children. She felt discomfort while inside the den and tries to escape from him. Later on she figured out that its too late, as harvey murdered her on his own room, burned her in a vault. salmon family began to worry because it has been 4 hours and susie is not yet home, rachel weisz as abigail salmon (susie’s mom) talk to Detective Len Fenerman (Michael Imperioli). several months had passed and they still do not have any leads to solve the murder case. susie’s sister, Lindsey Salmon (Rose McIver) had the strange feeling about their neighbor, Harvey and that is how she began finding trails of susie’s death.

if you are after a tragic, brutal kind of suspense movie, better watch Saw6 and not the lovely bones. this movie tackles serial killing in a realistic way as to how the family responds to this kind of tragedy. unlike any serial killer-movie type, not much of an action, this is a bit twisted in representing Susie’s state, not yet in heaven location. the death of  harvey is not complicated, but i would say that Tucci is very good (i mean who would want to die cuz of ice?)…i cant even remember that i saw him in the movie, the Devil wears prada, hahha. Overall, this is a pretty neat suspense movie that the whole family can watch.


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