leaving the little red door

But growing up is very hard to do
But don’t let all that growing smother you

2010 is approaching, new targets to set, new changes in my life will soon to happen, maybe a new career in another location. or maybe something bigger, im scared but somehow excited. the thought that i need to erradicate some of the old stuff, things that im used to, makes me sad somehow. everyone knows that im a gamer, this coming years (i know i wouldnt be able to stop it completely in 2010) im thinking of limiting it at least in an acceptable leisure time. currently whenever i have a free time, its my instinct to play games on my laptop. i shud be focusing more on things that will benefit me greatly, how i wish that growing up is something optional, u know. i remember my old post about peter pan syndrome, where we wish we were like him that never grows old.

Now it seems if you’re not settled down
With a house and children running ’round
People wonder what you should be doin’
And they think you live your life in ruin

this is an old belief where all human beings when reach a certain age, must be married and with children. im shaking my head on this, because i want to get married for the right reasons with the right guy and not being pushed by the old adage. many of us think that a mature person is one with the family, someone who is married — once again its something i despise, everyone would agree that marrying or being with someone u love the most is a privilege its not like a diploma that you will have after finishing your course. im not really sure how and where we get this notion about marriage, its a total crap.

Now the time has come to say goodbye
And I leave before I start to cry
Nothing happening ’round here no more
Gonna leave through my little red door

and maybe i need to pass through that red door, because im not getting any younger anymore…that i shud now envision whats gonna happen few years from now, that maybe i should learn to look forward in being a part of something really big, that i should not worry about tomorrow because that adds flavor to this life; that i should let go of old tricks and stuff to welcome major happenings.

though my age stops at 18 😛


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