whats next

my mom and i watched the movie 2012 in Robinsons Metro East, i only get 3 hours of sleep then she woke me up, i must say that im a bit cranky that time heheh. what mellows me down is when we get to the mall and get the tickets for the movie. im excited to finally view it, what is fun about movie watching is the next attraction set of movies, im looking forward to the movie of Angelina Jolie, SALT and another interesting movie is LEGION. when we saw the advisory that they are freezing the 2012 movie due to piracy, my heart beats faster. the first part of it, gets me confuse, picture of Mona Liza, that they are somehow preserving it. of course as the scenes are building up, it made me realize that John Cusack and Danny Glover are the only actors i know from the castings. apparently, the movie do not need superstars like the casts of oceans 11-13 to be able to execute it well. the storyline is simple, all about survival, but the intensity plus convincing graphic animations, make me admire the makers of 2012. this is the same way that i felt when we watched Titanic in big screen. the story reminds me of Noah’s ark, animals, people, valuable treasures are preserved. its a happy ending though for the survivors and that they are beginning a whole new world in Africa. nabitin lang ako ng konti, as i was expecting more mind boggling scenes from the movie, overall i like it, this is something that we can play over and over.

survival is a very nice concept, aside from the movie that emphasizes it vividly, we are surviving everyday. we survived from potential tragedies, climate change, dangerous incidents, even surviving at workplace. oh yes, that has to be included, in a world or recession, we’re anticipating a lot of adjustments, job rotations, monetary fluctuations but what makes me sick is mismanagement. this has been an ongoing issue right before global recession. its sickening to know that we are hands tight at work, we no longer enjoy the times together and when u get tired thats the time that u decide to find happiness somewhere else.


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