Opposite Reaction

It feels hard mistakenly interpreting our actions. We are who we are and what we do. If our actions are opposite the norms of the society, we become the mockery in the office or even at home.

let us take for instance a guy who has shown a great affection to his lady friend, but the lady friend can only offer friendship. the guy continues to do his affections by doing special things to the girl, like maybe risking his own life for the girl. the girl appreciates it, but she does not want for the guy to keep on doing those things simpy because its uncalled for. the girl believes that there are lots of ways to show your concern and care for someone but not to the extent that as if they are boyfriends and girlfriends. the girl is affected by this situation cuz at the end of the day, its as if the girl is giving false hopes to the guy, some would think she is using him. they become the center of controversy in the office, everyday being teased.

the guy is pestered with the idea whenever the lady says that he does not need to do stuff for her. for the guy, its more than that, but he just cannot tell the truth. the girl wants to stop any special things the guy is doing simply because they are not in a relationship. the guy will simply stop for few days, when he is back, he will do those stuff again.

these are the victims of the common social perceptions. mockery begins from the people around, the actions of the two individuals are changing based on what the society thinks about them. the guy may just be too affectionate, but always being teased for his intentions. the lady is appreciative of it but she does not the guys action overdone.


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