there are no rules only a “bucket list”

The Bucket List movie that stars Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson is all about “Living your life” its about two guys who shared a room in the hospital, had 6 months to live — one is rich and always get what he wants and the other is living a typical life. So before they reach their final destinations, they thought of listing things TO DO, with a kiss of death. Isnt that cool that you get to do it before you will be buried 6-feet under. I like the last wish of their bucket list, “to witness something majestic” and it turns out that the friendship they build together and the fact that their ashes are kept at the top of the mountain is a majesty on its own. So if I were to create a bucket list, here would be some entries I could think of.

– An evening date with a long lost highschool crush. (just a date and we’ll take it from there :P)
– Watch concert in another country.
– Ironed out a troubled situation.
– Travel with someone special.
– Meet NBA players. (i cant imagine how tiny ill become when im with them waheheh)
– Get laid few weeks before my very last breath. (since i dont know my “death date” then ill keep on trying, hahah)
– Saying bitchy things to a stranger in his/her face. (picking a fight eh?)

I hope to remember these when i realize that my day is coming or maybe i cud start to accomplish this list as early as now 😛


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