earlier is the 2nd Trend Blogcon and we have the presence of Abe Olandres, or mr. yugatech himself. he shared some points which i think would be essential in blogosphere world, how he started and how he become after picking the appropriate niche. he made also a good differentiation of blogging vs. journalism, and i realized how one has an advantage over the other. for bloggers or id rather call it free-spirited writers, the urge to right starts from within. we do not write because we are asked to, we write because we are passionate sharing the stuff that we know. im impressed when he said that “audience are after what you know and not what you think” because there is a minimal boundary between the two.

ive seen abe’s site before, and for the techies like me, its helpful and straightforward. its cool that they thought of this kind of convention, where bloggers can have our own talks. next week is another exciting session as we will finally meet the makers of tunaynalalake blogsite.

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