Ive been watching the series “Rome” and done with the first season, so far it keeps me interested. this is all about power, betrayal, promiscuity, anger, slavery and revenge. it was about Julius Ceasar and his friend Pompei who also become his worst enemy. both of them wants to claim the high position. though im starting to be fan of it here are some scenes which i found something to laugh at:

– one of every 3 episodes, there will be a bed scene and when they do it, the assistants are still gonna be watching over them.
– a lot of private parts are exposed most esp when the niece of Julius Ceasar is buying an accessory attached to “penis” is given to Sevilla. (the obsessed lover of Julius Ceasar)
– when Polo went to casa or their version of “motel” — the divider is literally 4-feet distance to another room. (dingding lang ang pagitan)

I’ll be tuning to this series because i like the setting of Rome, the phasing is good and the plot is indeed unexpected, (u never know what to expect really). of course i like the complexity of the story because it evolves around the life of the powerful, pig-headed Julius Ceasar, u would even cross the boundary thinking if he is really a good and respectable leader. this series mirror the kind of politics we have here in the Philippines, this gives us awareness what a republican really is. i even remember a quote in the book, The Little Prince by Antoine the Exupery, where the little kid asked the self proclaimed king, “How can you call yourself a king, if you have no one but urself to lead?”

SEGUE: Last saturday, Richard, Ed, Michelle, Eden and I had breakfast in Heaven and Egg. I like the pancake and the buffalo wings. Oks din ung fries but I guess hinde ako sanay na may sabaw yun, heheh. I remember the first time I tried this I ordered the Angus tapa and i am so full yung tipong hinde na makalakad sa kabusugan, hahah. Feeling ko inuunti unti namen ang restau sa eastwood, gantong ganto rin ang trip namen nung inunti unti namen ang restau sa gateway, hahah i miss the old times.   ^__^


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