Congratulations on becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional! Ang sarap pakinggan oh hahah at last Im done on this, ang tagal ko rin tong pinostpone and now lang unti unting nag sisink-in saken that yes i passed the certification. feeling ko kase para akong estudyante na kinakabahan last Monday when im about to take the exam, theres this intensity that i dont know where its coming from. may kasabay akong kaofficemates actually so that somehow lessen the tension. now i know the feeling of those taking board exams, tipong naeexcite kang mag exam yet natatakot kang ipasa ung paper because u dont really know what the result is gonna be. pero sabi ko na lang na if babagsak then maybe its my fault, maybe kulang ung review time ko, so salamat na lang that i file for a second shot voucher at least there is always a fallback when worse comes to worst. so we took it, its an online exam powered by Prometrics, a 50-item certification for , the very name itself scares me. (andami mong kinakatakutan haha) inabot ako ng an hour and a half and trust me im afraid to submit it dahil ang result is instant. i probably had 5 runs of all the questions before i submit it, sabe ko bahala na wala namang mababago sa mga sagot ko, dahil un at un pa din ang ilalagay ko just because i thought those are the correct ones. so the time that i see on the screen: Congratulations, you passed the examination, promise ayokong tumayo sa pwesto ko, its like id like to make sure that I am seeing the correct information. so i went to the reception area and confirm the result by having a printed result. that time parang wla lang, hinde ako that “happy” maybe because naunahan ng bad news na ung isa kong kasama didnt make it at kelangan nyang iretake ung exam hanggang mapasahan nya un before moving on to another certification, iniisip ko nga na nakakasuka siguro un kapag ilang beses mo ng tinitake at ilang beses mo na ring nirereview. siguro un nga ang nangyari thats why parang half feeling lang ako that day. its like i am happy and at the same time sad because one of us didnt make it.

the only time na narealize ko how lucky i am for making it is when we begin discussing what happened sa exam, which is very typical for students to discuss the items sa exam, hehe i remember my college days…so ayun nga ung kasama ko who also made it is telling me na during the initial survey regarding the proficiency level on windows xp, he answered everything as “low”…i told him, na sana ganun din ung sinagot ko kase feeling ko ung mga items sa exam, hinde ko nakita sa reviewer, more on application talga. (thats why i call it “luck”) then he said, partida pa un, mataas pa ung score mo saken khit na moderate/hard ung assessment mo…which again for the nth reiteration, i call it luck for passing the certification….i know this is just the beginning steps, kase marami pa daw kameng itatake 😛

relief is a very good feeling. Ü

N’XS: Is there such a term as abnormally which is used as an expression? well thesaurus did not find anything…if this is non-existent, why do i hear some people saying “Normally” if the opposite state is not applicable?


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