The Office

I respected Steve Carrel more after seeing the series of “The Office.” I like the concept, it is satiric actually. It is about Michael Scott, the regional manager of a Dunder Mifflin paper company, who struggle to make the employees follow and trust him. He committed several mistakes because of his bad decisions…but the dumber he become, the funnier the show is, heheh. I just like how creative he is thinking of possible lame excuses. Its like he wanna play basketball, prepare everyone for a nice play, then michael will just mess the execution. I pick this because i thought this is something i can relate to and 2nd would be because im a big fan of mr-40-year-old-virgin. 3rd would be….hmm nevermind, im having fun watching the episodes anyways.

i even dreamt about John Krasinski hahah! i dont even know that he is a film director (whoa) and a writer. He plays the role of Jim Halpert.


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