ito na siguro ang season ng American Idol where i hoped that both of them win, first time in the history yun kung sakaling mag tie ang contestants most specially in a fan-based show. i like the two davids, cuz of their different approach in singing. one is a solid rocker while the other is the opposite. as they have said, there can only be one winner..and thats David Cook. he has been a complete package for the entire season, got lots of confidence, powerful voice, good looks and a wide variety of fans.

right now im eating a tonkatsu meal from tokyo tokyo which costs me PHP145. sa amount na to kung titingnan ko parang maliit lang, pero inisip kong icompute how much i spend versus how much i save. sabe nga nila the real formula to save money is: Earnings – Savings = Expenses

ive realized, that after all this time, eh ive been practicing the opposite of the above formula thats why i dont have much saving. kaya naisip kong mag operation SAKTO. this means i need to have a specific amount for my everyday allowance. lets say i will target to have PHP200, kasama na dun ang pamasahe at baon, so in ten days i will only spend 2k, and i will be able to save the rest sa salary. siguro nga im not interested in computations kaya ang tagal kong di chinicheck ang expenses ko. in that case, either malimit na lang siguro akong makakakain ng mahal na combo meals (combo nga eh, baket mahal…ahh mahal para sayo), mas nanaisin ko pa sigurong magbaon na lang para mas safe at mas matipid ko pa ung daily allowance ko.

!!! what about if i compute my extra savings from my daily allowance of PHP200?? teka, parang ang layo na ata ng pinapangarap ko, id better set my accounts right. promise by monday, ill implement that operation, ill try it for a month and see what will happen. (kaya ko to!)


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