it feels different whenever i see an old lady, at probably at the age of 70-80, working her ass off just to survive, selling “kakanin” in the streets….she needs to do that everyday para may pang arya, pambaon ng apo and panghapunan. everyone else is busy to notice her. but i do. maybe because i thought, for someone at her age, she should already have a better life, resting at home. where are her family? bat nila hinahayaan na magbilad sya sa arawan, magkaron lang ng makakain sa hapag kainan? im not against, working per se. im against making the grannies work for the young ones. darn.

The Brave One. a movie that stars Jodie Foster as the victim of cruelty in Manhattan, being beaten up by 3 black teenagers, who killed her fiance. the trauma it caused her, turn her to be a stranger of her own, where “killing” becomes necessary. revenge is sweeter.

will smith nailed his role in the movie, In pursuit of happyness, where Chris Gardner is a salesman who turned out to be a successful stock broker. the family invested money in a portable scanner which Chris used to sell to doctors, but selling has always been a challenge for him. since Chris being a salesman does not have any salary and put the family to debt. As he struggles to provide for the family, Chris becomes interested in the stock internship. however, only 1 out of 20 gets the job, training is gonna be for 6 months, without salary. his goal is to complete the intern program and become the sole trainee the firm will hire. whats interesting about this movie, is despite of the hardships and challenges, Chris was able to get by.

so what is happiness? for me the time you are not expecting for anything and something really good came up, thats happiness. when u get a bonus paycheck unexpectedly, every second you spend with your partner, when your baby smiles for the first time, when someone says i love you to you, when your boss says uve done a great job, and a whole lot of intangible things can make you happy.


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